You must agree that you do not always want to register on any site, indicating your real data. In such cases, you have to come up with fake ones: what name to give the user, what username, password, date of birth, and the answer to a secret question. It is to facilitate this task that our service was invented.

How does it work?

It creates a random personality, the chance of repeating which is almost impossible. This is achieved by gradually generating all user data. Thanks to the huge size of our database of names, surnames, cities, streets, indexes, you will almost always get a unique random person. And real photos of unreal people generated using 2 neural networks will give your character even more personality and uniqueness!


We have always supported developers by giving them access to our service via the API. And they, in turn, were and are the main motivator for improving the random personality generator. Now the API supports 3 languages-Russian, English, and Ukrainian. We hope that this fact will allow us to use our API in countries that speak different languages.

We also taught the service to generate even more data about a random person. We have developed flexible pricing plans that will allow you to get only the data about your character that you need. But we do not change our philosophy of free distribution of information, so we did not cancel the free tariff. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the new API right now!

Using randomly generated data, you confirm your legal capacity and reaching the age of majority. Any coincidences with reality are random. We are not responsible for the use of the received data.

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Why invent data during registration if our extension can do this for you?

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Personalities Generated
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